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As you can see, there are now two login buttons below. Cazenovia College has begun the transition from our current version Blackboard Learn 8 (Basic) to the new Blackboard Learn 9.1 (Enterprise). A small group of instructors will be participating in a pilot program to teach using the new Blackboard this summer and fall. Because the pilot program is small, you could have courses in both versions of Blackboard, in which case you will need to use the appropriate login button to access the different versions.

Important Note about Passwords

Blackboard 8
If you are logging into Blackboard 8 for the first time, your password will be your default password. If you do not remember this password, click Forgot Password? link to reset your password for Blackboard 8. If you still cannot login, please contact ICT by email support (please add suffix @cazenovia.edu) or call us at 655-7777.

When you change your password for CazNET, it Does Not change in Blackboard 8. You will need to change your password in Blackboard 8. Once you login to Blackboard 8, on the My Institution page, click Personal Information in the Tool menu. Click Change Password; change password to match your new password for CazNET.

Blackboard 9
When logging into Blackboard 9, use the same username and password you use to log on to the network or in CazNET.

Login to View Courses

Click on the Click Here to Login button above, enter your username and password. Courses you are taking will be listed as well as which system the course is in. If you have issues logging into either Blackboard system, contact ICT by email support (please add suffix @cazenovia.edu) or call us at 655.7777. If you have questions about your course, please contact your instructor.

Blackboard Learn 8

Blackboard Learn 9.1

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